Air Force is establishing integrated processes for end to end tracking of Government Furnished Materials (GFM) – Implications for Air Force contractors

To ensure mission readiness, satisfy financial reporting and DoD policy requirements, Air Force must account for and track Air Force owned, contractor managed government materiel (GFM) and control and manage accountable inventory records. This initiative is code named GFM-A (Government Furnished Material Accountability).  In order to accomplish these goals, Air Force will provide property accountability […]

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DoD’s Steps Forward in Government Property Audits

We all know that DoD is working towards the 2017 Clean Audit goal. While it remains to be seen whether DoD will achieve the goal, I am encouraged to see many positive steps taken in different agencies within DoD in preparing the Government Property Book for audits. Government Property is a significant component of DoD’s […]

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3 Process Breakdowns in IT Asset Management

There are many tools, from free software to expensive modules from ERP systems, that can help with IT asset management. However, despite of the wide variety of tools being deployed, there are 3 common problems in IT asset management. These problems have contributed to the high discrepancy rate between IT assets on the book and […]

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E-ISG Asset Intelligence — a Thought Leader in Best Practices for Asset Management for Educators

Camcode, the leader in barcode solutions, just assembled top 50 informative articles on Best Practices in Asset Management, Procurement, Reporting for Educators. They have selected one article from E-ISG Asset Intelligence, as the contribution to the Best Practices. “20% Book to Floor Inventory Discrepancy Ratio — Should We Accept That in Our Country School Systems”. […]


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