Maintaining Total Asset Visibility in the Age of Reduced Budgets

Back in August I wrote a blog post discussing the Federal Government’s painfully negotiated budget legislation. While President Barack Obama averted the prospect of the first default in the 224-year history of the United States, the economy remains weak. What does this mean for property managers and emergency management organizations that rely on Federal grants to subsidize their operations? It means that we will continue, as we have been, to live in the age of reduced budgets.

While there is a reduction in the money available to first responders, there is certainly no reduction in the need for emergency management organizations and their services. Consequently, in the face of increased demands and reduced budgets, property managers must develop new strategies to maximize the value of their current assets.

Property managers must develop total asset visibility to maximize value and usage. What is total asset visibility, you ask? Total asset visibility means complete accountability and control over your organization’s most vital assets.  It means being able to harness real-time asset data to make informed purchasing decisions. Total asset visibility implies an awareness and understanding of what your organization has and how you plan to use it.

Click here to read the full blog post, and here to view the recorded version of a highly informative webinar on the same topic.

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