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Equipment Tracking From the Pentagon to the Local Level

Last week, the Pentagon temporarily suspended a popular program which transfers surplus military equipment to local police departments. This equipment, which includes resources such as weaponry and ammunition, aircraft, Humvees and armored personnel carriers, was provided free of charge to local law enforcement and first responder agencies. However, the Pentagon and Department of Defense mandated strict guidelines on how this equipment was to be tracked.

Some of this equipment has gone missing or ended up in hands of criminals. Consequently, the military has decided to suspend the program pending the results of a blanket audit. This audit is to ensure that all equipment and resources are tracked and accountability maintained. The Pentagon has asked all participating law enforcement agencies to provide a comprehensive account of each piece of equipment acquired from the program.

Unfortunately accounting for these assets is going to be difficult as most state agencies keep paper records. These agencies are reporting that the task of auditing their equipment inventories would take over 500 hours.

Could this problem be prevented? How easy could this problem be remedied? E-ISG Asset Intelligence has already helped many of our emergency management clients, who have received government grants and must demonstrate the proper use of these funds, to organize their equipment and track asset usage in a way that supports accountability. The great thing about our solution is that it is low cost and easy to use, so the investment can be easily justified by the return.

With the equipment management solution from E-ISG Asset Intelligence, there is no reason for any agencies to delay in tracking the use of equipment purchased with government grants.

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