Is Your Government Property Management System Meeting All the Requirements?

Our company is based in Baltimore. I personally travel along the Beltway very frequently, and we (including our sales team and our product development team) talked to a lot of government contractors.  In this sequestration environment, one pervasive theme is to be “cost efficient”. To win a contract, a contractor not only needs to meet all the technical requirements, but also needs to be the lowest cost provider of the services. This poses a new challenge to contractors who are used to competing based on “best value”.

So as a government contractor, where do you find the cost advantage? One area you could consider is the cost of managing Government Property. That cost is consisted of setting up the policy and procedures, and paying for the people (e.g. property administrators) and technology (i.e. property management system) to manage them. How can you save costs? Assuming you have already set up the policy and procedures and they are up to date and well implemented, then you might want to focus on the labor and technology cost in managing the Government Property.

  • Labor cost: This depends on how well you can scale up the routine work in receiving, recording property, conducting an inventory audit, and preparing reports like the DD 1149 and DD250 every time you transfer the custody of the property. Using a mobile scanner can save inventory audit time significantly. Using 1D or 2D barcodes will save time from not using barcodes at all. Using passive RFID tags can save the time even further from just using regular barcodes.  Having a tool that can auto generate reports like the DD1149 and DD250 is going to save significant time and reduce any errors.
  • Technology cost: This includes the software for managing Government Property that supports the 10 outcomes specified in FAR 52.245-1(f)(1), the mobile scanner hardware and software that will sync the data with the property management system, and the ongoing technical support and customization cost.

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we provide technology solutions for government contractors to manage Government Property. We understand that the duration for a government contract or a task order varies, some are shorter and some are longer. Our cloud-based government property management software eQuip!™ can be subscribed monthly or annually. The cost of using eQuip!™ is predictable. For first time users, we provide a Customer On Boarding service to migrate data, set up reports, and train users. After that, the cost of using eQuip!™ is pretty much the monthly or annual subscription cost. The application is designed for easy reporting and integration with other applications. Users shouldn’t need to pay additional cost for these routine tasks.

We know government contractors need to constantly assess their policies and procedures for managing Government Property. They often engage third party experts to conduct that assessment for credibility when they present the result to government auditors. We are happy to have Alex Barenblitt to lead our team of government property management consultants. Alex and his team can be engaged to provide independent third party assessment, help to respond to the Correct Action Request from government auditors and train the internal staff on policy and procedures. To inquire more about the consulting services, you can call us at 1-866-845-2416


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