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3 Things You Need to Do before Installing IT Asset Management Software


Conduct an IT inventory before installing an IT asset management solution

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we sell out-of-box IT asset management software. It’s ITIL v3 compatible and connects with asset auto discovery tools.  These tools  imports network or inventory discovered hardware and software information into the asset database enabling you to reconcile the IT asset inventory data.

However, we believe software is only as good as the people and business processes that are implemented. If people are not trained or the business processes not defined, the software will not be helpful. We would not recommend our customers purchasing our IT asset management software without making sure that these three things are considered:


1. Understand how you currently record the asset information from purchasing to retirement — the entire asset life cycle.

  • Who is responsible for recording the information in each stage of the asset life cycle: procurement, assignment, and maintenance, reuse and recycle?
  • For IT assets, the assignment process is a big component of the life cycle. From employee on-boarding to exiting, what is the process of assigning and returning IT assets?
  • Which systems do you input the information in at each stage of the life cycle? How does the information in one system get carried into another? Do you have to manually enter the data again? Or you can import export via excel sheet, or the systems are synced regularly?
  • Which relevant data fields are captured in each system?

2. Reconcile the IT inventory. You need to reconcile IT inventory from many sources:

  • Purchasing data
  • Manufacture/retail  procurement portals (many companies allow their offices to buy directly from manufacturers’ purchasing portal)
  • Information about networked devices from auto discovery tools or inventory tools
  • Software licenses agreement
  • Assets in the offices  and data centers

3. Decide on how to tag all the assets.

There are multiple ways to tag the assets, barcodes, RFID tags, or use the manufacturers’ serial numbers (we don’t recommend using the manufacturers’ serial numbers for asset tag IDs). You need to determine how to tag different categories of assets based on how often they are to be audited and how these assets physically distributed.

Understanding and reviewing these three things will ensure that you start with the accurate and complete IT asset data when you migrate to IT asset management software.  The information you have gathered during these three steps will allow you to configure your IT asset management software to include the required data fields, and connect with other system if needed.

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