IT inventory reconciliation – how?



Previously in this blog, we discussed three things you need to do before installing an IT asset management solution: 1) understand how you currently record all the asset information throughout the life cycle; 2) reconcile the IT asset inventory: 3) decide on how to tag the assets.

We just held a webinar with our partners from the American Appraisal Associates. They have broken down the activities involved in reconciling the IT asset inventory in a visual way (see the graph on the left). This really helps to put some details behind the somewhat complicated task of IT inventory reconciliation. There are indeed many layers of reconciliations to be done:

  • Book to floor
  • Floor to book
  • Forced reconciliation
  • Like to like reconciliation
  • Enterprise reconciliation

Each layer, no doubt, requires different tools and working with different sets of data. It’s amazing how unorganized the asset data is across the organization. It’s typical that an inventory audit process will work with many data sources: HR, facility, vendor, purchasing, hardware, software, active directory.

This has just illustrated why organizations typically don’t have accurate data about their IT assets. It’s because they are distributed across different systems, and these systems don’t talk to each other.

100% of IT and Finance organizations are currently working with inaccurate data. The biggest challenge is determining the validity and accuracy of the data the corporate world is working with and how this data affects all corporate decision directly and in directly…” – said Michael Racz, Managing Director, IT inventory services, American Appraisal.

You can download the presentation from the Webinar “Why IT Inventory Reconciliation is Important to IT Asset Management” here.

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we provide out-of-box IT asset management solutions that pulls together all the data from different systems to provide one place that will manage all the physical and financial information about IT assets. You can discover more about our solution here. Also, if you would like to see our solution, you can call us at 1-866-845-2416.


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