What are the guiding principles to our product development?

eQuip! for managing assets

customer needs guide the development of eQuip!




Like most software companies, we constantly improve our products, adding new features and functionality, improving the speed and performance of the software. We deliver monthly software patches to improve performance, and we have about 3 major releases to add new feature and functionality.

So what are the guiding principles for our product development efforts? How do we prioritize new features and functionality?


There are three principles:

  1. Customer needs. Our first priority is to serve our existing customers. Customers tell us where we need improvement and what additional functionality they would like. We believe one customer’s needs often reflect many, and helping one customer at a time will help us to serve all customers better. Here is an example. A few years ago, we started serving a federal government customer. They wanted us to make their asset transferring process more streamlined. To be specific, they want our asset management software eQuip! to generate the DD1149 form automatically, so they don’t have to do double data entry. So we did it for that customer. Today, this has become a standard feature for the eQuip! for Government Property Management product.
  2. Industry standards. We closely follow and influence industry standards, and we make sure our software supports the business processes and rules in asset management best practices. Our product leaders are actively participating in industry standard bodies. For example, our Chief Technology Officer Eric Beser is a member of the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of ISO 55000, the asset management internationally standard to be introduced in 2014. Our Government Property Management Practice Lead Alex Barenblitt is a voting member of the property management standard body ASTM E 53 Committee.
  3. Technology innovation. We incorporate the most innovative technology in our software products so we can deliver the software efficiently and with low cost. For example, we have taken a unique approach to collecting and integrating data. Our cloud based data collection and integration service, eQuip! Anywhere, which aggregates vast types of data into one storehouse of information that is available in real time, scalable and accessible using simple API services. As a result, customers of eQuip! can easily generate customized reports. They can develop their own reporting templates, customize the fields, and product the reports, without the need for IT support or system integrators.


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