Happy New Year! — celebrate our achievement in 2013 and share our plan for 2014

exciting new year plan for eQuip!

Happy New Year from E-ISG Asset Intelligence





In the spirit of celebrating the holidays, we want to share some thoughts on our achievement in 2013 and our plan for 2014.  



We have made some innovative enhancements to eQuip! in 2013, and they are helping our customers to be more efficient in managing assets:

  1. Integrate an open source network discovery tool with eQuip! for IT asset management. This open source tool doesn’t require any agent to be installed on the network, and our customers found it more appealing. You can find out more about this tool here…
  2. Enable eQuip! as a platform to develop other applications. Knowing where an asset is and tracking its chain of custody is the core of many business processes. We are happy to see that some customers are using our Web API to build additional functionality to support their business needs
  3. Integrate workflows into eQuip! to eliminate double data entry, reduce manual steps, and support pre-scheduled or event triggered activities behind the scene.

In 2014, we will continue to introduce more features and functionality to eQuip!. Here are some highlights:

  1. Launch mobile applications on iOS and Android.  In the final weeks of 2013, our mobile applications have been approved! They are available in iTune and Google Play. We have previously introduced mobile eQuip! on Win Mobile scanners. The launch of the iOS and Android application will make the mobile platform for eQuip! very robust. Users can access eQuip! from most mobile devices.
  2. Bring in the plug-in features, such as maintenance and work order management, resource scheduling, as part of the out-of-box features in eQuip! These features will enhance the ability of eQuip! to manage the financial and physical information of assets in the life cycle.
  3. Support the update with some key Government asset databases, such as IUID registry, PCARSS, for eQuip! users, so they can save time and money.

We are excited about these new features for eQuip!. We look forward to helping our customers to be more efficient in managing assets. Also, in 2014, we will see the introduction of ISO 55000 for property management standards. It’s going to be an exciting year for property management professionals!

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