Communicating every step of the way while managing enterprise assets

This blog posted is contributed by Alex Barenblitt, CPPM, MBA. Alex leads the consulting practice for E-ISG Asset Intelligence on Government Property Management Business Processes

Timely, complete and accurate communications among departments and functions, throughout the lifecycle of the assets, are essential for the management of enterprise assets.

A typical property life cycle starts with the identification of a need for the property.  Communicating the need, in detail, can result in the best acquisition decision.  It might mean reutilization of property already owned.  It might mean it would be best to purchase or lease the new property.  Good communication is the key here.  And the Property Department should be informed of where to direct the shipment and therefore start the recording of the lifecycle.

Once arrival information for the Property is available, it’s always best for the individuals who will be receiving it to have notice that it will be coming.  Once it arrives and is received, it is best to inform the Property Department and individual or department or function that will be using it.  The Property Department tags the Property, records receipt and assignment in the Enterprise Asset Management System, and delivers the property to its place of use.

During its use, whenever there is an event, it needs to be recorded – and that takes communication of the event.  That event could be any of the following:

The Property Department needs to know when each event occurs, so the users need to inform them.  And the Property Department needs to communicate with other functions such as Finance and Accounting, Program Management, etc. so they can properly record the changes.

The bottom line is that communications is vital to all business operations, including Property operations.  So when anything happens with property, contact your Property Department!  Don’t assume they know it already.  Equally important, your enterprise asset management software needs to have the capability to support these communications.

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, our asset management software solutions eQuip! support these communications with dynamic messages and email alerts, integrated with the workflows. For example, when the Property arrives, the receiving department will receive the alert and the record will be in the workflow waiting for the authorized person to approve.  There are more examples for how  eQuip! support these communications. To find out how we use Workflows to expedite the business processes, please call 1-866-845-2416.


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