Choosing between eQuip! SaaS and eQuip! On Premise?

Lately, in talking to customers and partners, I have increasingly realized that the adoption for virtualization and Software as a Service (SaaS) is so rapid that soon the phrase “On Premise” might become obsolete. For users who are used to client server type of software, “On Premise” makes sense because the software has to be installed on premise. But the client server type of software is increasingly being replaced by web based software. With the web based software, users are no longer tied to a particular “client” device. They can access the application from any web browsers.

eQuip! is web based software. Customers can choose to have the software installed on their own servers, or delivered as Software as a Service. The end users won’t feel any difference in using the software. That’s why sometimes differentiating between eQuip! SaaS and eQuip! On Premise could be a bit confusing to those who are not into technical details, including myself.

From the user perspective, there is little difference between eQuip! SaaS and eQuip! On Premise:

  • They can access the software from any web browser
  • The features and functionality are the same, whether it’s eQuip! On Premise of eQuip! SaaS
  • The security on the application layer, data layer, and the cloud layer adheres to the same industry standard
  • The performance level is the same. Both are easily scalable with increased number of users or assets
  • Both can be integrated with other applications via web APIs and SDKs

The difference between choosing eQuip! SaaS or eQuip! On Premise is really the financial consideration. Mainly, there are two factors:

  • Capex vs. Opex: Software license can be amortized over the years. SaaS subscription is typically treated as operational cost. It could make a big difference if the software license fee is very expensive. There is also the consideration for technology upgrade. I found this blog helpful in outlining the factors for this debate.
  • Ongoing support cost: eQuip! On Premise will require internal IT staff support, spend on hardware, server software and data center facilities.  eQuip! SaaS doesn’t require any of that.

If you would like to understand the detailed comparison in performance and costs for eQuip! SaaS and eQuip! On Premise, you can download the analysis here.


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