What is the eQuip! Customer On Boarding experience like?

Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft Carrier


Most recently, I spoke with a logistics manager in a large construction company. He is finishing the cross functional project of implementing the asset management software Maximo in his company.

I have spoken with many customers of Maximo before. Our customers, who have chosen us over Maximo, have also told us about their experiences with Maximo. But I am always curious about new implementations.

This logistics manager I spoke with really impressed me with his strategic thinking, so I highly  respect his opinion. Based on some basic facts he shared with me, I believe he did a great job leading the implementation. It’s a large company. The implementation only took about 3-4 months, which is very impressive. So naturally he is very positive about the experience. Still, he half-jokingly described his Maximo implementation as “like turning an aircraft carrier on a dime.”

This conversation got me thinking, how would our customers describe the On Boarding experience with eQuip! if they hear the “like turning an aircraft carrier on a dime” analogy? I know their description would definitely be the opposite of “turning an aircraft carrier on a dime.”

For anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Customer On Boarding experience with eQuip!, we can provide references. We want you to hear it from our customers directly rather than from me indirectly. But here are a couple of facts about the eQuip! Customer On Boarding experience:

  • We typically will finish the Customer On Boarding process in less than 4 weeks. We recently brought a large government contractor on board in less than 4 weeks, in between, there were the Christmas and New Year holidays.
  • We don’t require the customers to do any coding or custom design any reports. Customers give us their existing report templates, their asset categories, and documentation of their business processes, we will customize the report template, asset database, and workflows for them.
  • We offer standard Customer On Boarding packages. It’s fixed cost implementation. Customers have the peace of mind. .

These are the facts. If you want to obtain quotes, we will be happy to provide references. You can call us at 1-866-845-2416.

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