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So many IT asset management solutions – but can they prevent this simple failure in policies and procedures?

ITAM failure is often in the procedures

Simple ITAM solution can prevent costly asset loss

The latest story “Coca-Cola suffers data breach after employee ‘borrows’ 55 laptops” is an example of why so many IT asset management solutions failed to do the basic things: simply track who has what, where they are, and notify others if things don’t return on time.

When we talked to many businesses or government agencies about IT asset management solutions, they often said, “Yes, we have it covered.” Often, they have just implemented expensive solutions that are supposed to “discover everything connected, track everything.” These solutions all require expensive software licenses, lengthy and expensive integration, and investment in other companion suites or modules. After companies have done with installing them, of course, they should feel confident that they “have it covered.”

But really? I am sure Coca-Cola has one of those IT asset management solutions in place, but did it really help to track its IT assets?

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we take a very basic approach when it comes to providing the solution for managing IT assets. Instead of building the fancy bells and whistles, we focus on the basics of tracking who has what, where they are, and enable workflows to exercise check and balances for control. We believe an effective IT asset management solution should have the following core features:

  • Chain of custody with email authentication
  • Notification for some key events
  • Workflows to support check and balances in the asset transfer process
  • Mobile asset audit tools for quick audit
  • Back end integration with IT asset recycling companies to reconcile the items being recycled

Above all, the IT asset management tool should be easy to use, so anyone who touches the process can access it and use it as part of their daily/weekly routine. That’s what we believe an effective IT asset management solution should be. That’s how eQuip! for IT asset management is different from other IT asset management solutions.

Click here, and you can download a detailed comparison of eQuip! for IT asset management solution with other ITAM solutions.

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