eQuip! is Now Seamlessly Integrated with the Accounting Software Costpoint

eQuip! and Costpoint integration

eQuip! is seamlessly integrated with Costpoint


After the most recent eQuip! Customer On Boarding implementation with a government contractor client, we are proud to announce that the eQuip! for Government Property Management solution is now seamlessly interfacing with Deltek’s accounting software Costpoint.

Typically, government contractors purchase equipment and property, Contractor Acquired Property or Company Owned assets, under a contract for a variety of projects. Some government contractors use Deltek’s Costpoint software to record and receive these purchases. When the assets are received, they are placed into service and  tracked by eQuip!.  eQuip! can store any contract details about these CAPs as a digital asset, so property administrators can easily look up the contract details without going into Costpoint.  eQuip! will also track any Government Furnished Property under this contract.

eQuip! uses the “Receive and Approve Asset” tool to support these requirements.  When uploading received assets, eQuip! reaches out to Costpoint and look for the purchase order line items and project details for that purchase order and add this information into eQuip as either a contract digital asset or purchase order line items. After that, the property manager who uses eQuip! can enter a Costpoint purchase order number or purchase request number.

eQuip! uploads received assets from Costpoint

How eQuip! uploads received assets from Costpoint

Specifically, the seamlessly integration works like this:


  • See instantly all line items on the purchase order,  to select and load those items into eQuip without any additional data entry
  • Split PO Line items into serialized assets with a simple mouse click to receive all or some items on the same purchase order
  • Have those items automatically linked to a contract, and have those items submitted to other business processes using the unique workflow automation in eQuip!
  • Automatically generate and send a receiving report to the accounting department
  • Automatically generate barcode thermal labels for printing

eQuip! for Government Property Management solution is easy to use, flexible and easy to integrate with other software solutions. We are happy to release the latest interface with Costpoint. Many government contractors use eQuip! for Government Property Management to manage both Government Furnished Property and their company owned assets. The seamless interface will save our customers time and reduce any risks of not complying with DCMA audits.

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