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47% of organizations plan to move their core ERP systems to the cloud within five years

Gartner recently released the result of its survey on Adoption of Cloud ERP, from 2013 through 2013. Key takeaways are:

  1. A total of 47% of organizations surveyed plan to move their core ERP systems to the cloud within five years.
  2. In aggregate, 30% of respondents say that the majority of their ERP systems will be on-premises for the foreseeable future.

So clearly the trend towards Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud applications is accelerating.  Other applications that run on top of ERP are also seeing the trend of accelerated migration to Could. According to MintJutras, a leading research and advisory firm tracking ERP trends, a survey completed in 2013 shows SaaS-based applications will steadily grow from 22% of all manufacturing and distribution software installed to 45% within ten years.

At E-ISG Asset Intelligence, we provide asset management solutions eQuip! SaaS or eQuip! On Premise. These are applications running on top of the ERP layer, and share data with the ERP system. We have seen increased adoption of our SaaS asset management solution eQuip! SaaS. Our customers told us that they buy the SaaS solution because of the following reasons:

  1. Tighter project schedule, coupled with tighter budge, has forced them to seek a more easy to use and faster to implement asset management solution. So they chose eQuip! SaaS
  2. The Mobility factor. eQuip! SaaS Enterprise application supports mobile applications on Android, iOS and Win Mobile. eQuip! On Premise customers will need to install the Mobile Enablement license in addition to their eQuip! On Premise licenses.
  3. Enterprise users are increasingly comfortable with the fact that eQuip! SaaS will deliver the same security standard as eQuip! On Premise. That has removed one major concern for choosing eQuip! SaaS.

Understanding that customers take their own pace in migrating towards Cloud, we will continue to provide and support both eQuip! On Premise and eQuip! SaaS.

eQuip! On Premise promotion for the month of February

We have a promotion for our customers in the month of February



In the month of February, we are offering a special promotion to our eQuip! On Premise customers so they can use Mobile eQuip! applications on their smartphones and tablet devices. It’s our way to say we appreciate our customers. For details, you can call us at 1-866-845-2416.

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