Integrating Deltek Costpoint into the Asset Receiving Process

Ask any property manager, and they will tell you the biggest fear that they have in adopting a robust asset management business process is the cost and time of data entry into the asset management system.  It is one thing to enter in legacy data.  It is another to make sure that the system stays current and new purchases are entered into the system as they are received and assigned to users.  The process gets complicated in the government property framework as the asset management system tracks Contractor Acquired Property (CAP),  Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), and a variety of materials that are used for construction and consumption in a given contract.  There are more sticky points.  Most purchase systems (Costpoint included), allow for bulk purchase of serialized items.  Serialized items are items that contain serial numbers that must be tracked individually after purchase.  A given purchase order may contain one line of quantity (say 10) of items that have serial numbers and/or lot numbers, and must be received and placed individually.   It gets even more complicated.

Items are often purchased by the contractor, and drop shipped directly to the contract site which may be offsite or at the contract location. These drop shipped items must be tracked in the asset system, as there are required forms that show the items in forms along with other deliverable items. In addition consumables (items that are tracked in bulk) are used in assemblies that are ultimately delivered to the customer, but are required to be tracked as part of the IUID process, or in the delivery of the assembly.  These consumables are tracked as inventory which can be replenished as used.

Our Goal Is To Reduce Keystrokes per Item

Receiving CAP Assets in eQuip
Rather than requiring a data entry nightmare, we have created the property manager’s dream. Through database integration and some magic on our part, we have created a seamless process of asset receiving that not only covers the acquisition of CAP into eQuip, but allows the seamless conversion of serial assets from one PO line, the ability to flag an item as drop shipped, and the ability to receive and place consumables to locations that require them. In addition, our robust receive process creates a receiving report for that purchase order, allows for printing of thermal label tags directly from the desktop, and can assign these assets to other custodians for additional data entry if required. We have reduced the number of keystrokes in getting data into eQuip down from a complicated import process to only data entry in 2 to 5 fields per item. Everything else is already done!

One of the key factors in integrating from Deltek’s Cost Point, is that for new item entry into eQuip, it is also necessary to enter in the the contract information, which is about 30 or more fields of information.  This repetitive data entry is eliminated.  The contract is created as a digital asset in eQuip and tied to all items by the project code.  This process seems complicated, but is useful when following additional business processes including asset transfer, asset assignment, and disposition.  Because of our seamless integration, all of this data entry is behind the scenes.  The property administrator sees only what is currently in the system.  What could have been a complex data entry problem is now simply an optimization and automation of a critical business process that takes only minutes.

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