eQuip!: an Assetworks solution

Streamlining Data Entry in Your Asset Management Process

We just finished the integration of eQuip! and Costpoint. This has eliminated double data entries when a government contractor receives Government Furnished Property or Contractor Acquired d Property.  It will not only save time, but also eliminate “fat finger” errors. This goes to show the importance of Data Management in the asset management process.

eQuip! supports Data Management easily and efficiently in a couple of ways:

  1. User level Data Management: eQuip! allows property managers to easily design the asset record structure and fields to fit their organizational needs. The out-of-box frameworks for eQuip!, including Government Property Management, IT Asset Management, Emergency Management, and Facility Management, provide a very good starting point. But what we learned is that each customer always has their unique ways of categorizing assets or naming the asset fields. eQuip! accommodates these individual needs by giving users the ability to create their own asset record import templates. Additionally, they can customize the fields to be displayed on their screen, customize the reports, and customize the workflows. All of these can be done easily.
  2. Application level data management: eQuip! has taken a unique approach to collecting and integrating data.eQuip! supports a document oriented approach to collecting data.  This approach eliminates the need to create and maintain tables for a variety of data needs, handles data changes without the need to recode or reorganize, and makes this data searchable and actionable in a variety of settings. This is a much more efficient way of collecting and integrating data than the traditional database method. This unique approach helps to maximize the performance, efficiency, and scalability of the eQuip! application.
  3. Enterprise level data management: eQuip! provides Web APIs and SDKS to users if they want to integrate eQuip! to other applications, whether they are ERP or other functional software such as Warehouse Management. We have integrated eQuip! with the ERP software Costpoint. Our customers have integrated eQuip! with functional software,  such as HR software JD Edwards, Warehouse Management software.

Because eQuip! has enabled the Data Management at the user level, application level, and  enterprise level, it affords some unique advantages:

  1. Ease of Reporting
  2. Ease of Customization
  3. Ease of Integration

These advantages have made eQuip! a very competitive tool for asset management. If you would like to get a copy of detailed comparison between eQuip! and other asset management solutions, please call us at 1-866-845-2416 and ask for Tindy Henderson to receive a copy.

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