Helping Government Contractors to Establish Procedures to Manage Government Property, from Acquisition to Disposition – the Story of One Customer

turnkey solutions to military logistics

eQuip! customer RLO2 provides turnkey solutions to military logistics

I love meeting with our customers. Since most of our customers bought our solution without meeting us, I especially enjoyed the opportunity to meet with customers in person. So when Will Whitaker, President and Managing Director of the logistics solution company RLO2 LLC ( called me last week, I met with him in a café in old town Alexandria, Virginia. We had a very interesting and insightful discussion about Government Property Management as required by FAR/DFAR.

RLO2 LLC provides integrated, end to end logistics solutions to help government contractors, government agencies, and commercial companies, from acquisition to disposition. The team has very strong expertise in setting up the processes and operating procedures for managing Government Property in military and civilian logistics operations. Will and his team have many years of property management leadership experience in helping large government contractors, such as Dimensions International, SENTEL, SAIC, Honeywell, DynCorp, to provide military logistics support to the Department of Defense. With many Army veterans in the team, RLO2 has intimate understanding of FAR/DFAR’s requirements on government contractors’ Property Management Business System. They can efficiently deploy a ground team to assist in the tactical operation of contract phase in, inventory audit, IUID reporting, and contract close out. They can help with acquisition and disposition of property, all in compliance to the FAR/DFAR regulations and meet all the necessary reporting and audit requirements.

Over coffee, I had a long conversation with Will about the gaps and risks for many government contractors in the Property Management Business System. Here are some of the perspectives from Will and his team member Steve Dean (Senior Director, Operations and Program Management and a former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel):

1. Many government contractors, as they grow from “Small Business” to “Large Business”, often find themselves catching up with their investment in the 6 business systems, one of them is the Property Management Business System.

2. Among the 6 business systems, The Property Management Business System is often on the back burner, because other systems, such as Purchasing, Accounting and Billing, had got more attention from government auditors.

3.  But we are seeing that the Property Management System is getting increasing attention from DCMA. The risk of payment withholding from failure to pass the DCMA audit on the Property Management Business System is becoming real to many government contractors.

For RLO2, their mission is to provide turnkey, end to end government property management solution to the government contractors, who may not have or need in-house staff with in-depth government property management expertise. RLO2 will help them to establish compliant policies and procedures, provide staff augmentation, and tailor the procedures they need to support their operation.  RLO2 will also help to seamlessly transition the government contractors’ manual systems into an automated compliant logistic solution.

RLO2 is not only our customer but also a solution partner. The fact that at this moment they are using our software to support logistics operations in Afghanistan makes me and my team very proud of what we do.

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