Latest Release of the eQuip! Asset Management Solutions Makes Asset Search Faster and Simpler

The blog is authored by Makieba Duff (, Product Marketing Coordinator, E-ISG Asset Intelligence


eQuip! introduces Saved Search function

eQuip! introduces Saved Search function



In the latest release of eQuip! On Premise and eQuip! SaaS (version: 6.4.8), we’ve further streamlined the search function.

In the past, property managers used the “Search All Items” function, which lets users search for an asset using almost any combination of filters: Site, Plan, Location, Zone, Category, Asset Name, Purchase Order Number, Asset UID, Barcode, Manufacturer, Model, Zone, People, Serial Number, and Vendor, fill out as many fields as necessary, and click “Apply Filter” to search for the assets. The results would then populate a table of content.  Pretty straightforward, just a few clicks. Simple. That’s why users love eQuip!

Now we have made the search function even simpler. Here are some of the things you can do with the newly released eQuip! On Premise and eQuip! SaaS:


  • Store sets of fields to search by in “Named Search”
  • Named searches can be assigned to role and permission sets
  • Users no longer need to select an asset category before performing advanced searches
  • Users can search based on any field within the database
  • Users can save search profiles

If you are an existing customer, you can call our Customer Support at 443-927-1336, ext. 1 to get help with the latest eQuip!.

If you are thinking about an asset management solution, and would like to check out eQuip!, please call 410-800-2615, and ask to see a demo.


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