Inventory Auditing Goes Cloud – The Story of an Inventory Services Company Making the Strategic Shift

An Inventory services company took the risks of going Cloud
An Inventory services company took the risks of going Cloud

An Inventory services company took the risks of going Cloud



The President of IMS Inventory Management Solutions ( Suzanne Pedone is a sports fan, and she is not afraid of taking risks.

Recently, Suzanne has decided to make a strategic shift by leading her company to adopt a new approach to inventory auditing. “After almost two decades, we decided rather quickly to change our physical inventory process from a batch load program to a cloud based system.”

They decided to start this new approach with an inventory auditing project at an international data center company, by using the eQuip! SaaS and eQuip! Mobile. The company has data centers in East Coast, West Coast and Asia. The team at IMS Inventory Management Solutions traveled to these locations. They used iPad, installed with eQuip! Mobile, to conduct inventory services. The cloud based asset management solution eQuip! SaaS allowed the team to conduct the inventory auditing services in a swift, accurate and efficient manner.


The team embraced the change, succeeded, after overcoming some obstacles initially.

First of all, the team had to learn the new tool within one weekend. This project with the international data center had a short turnaround time. The team had a few days to get ready to use the new tool.  Fortunately eQuip! is easy to use and very intuitive. Staff members at both E-ISG Asset Intelligence and IMS Inventory Management Solutions had to sacrifice some weekend hours, but the team learned the basics. They figured out the rest later.

Second, when the team decided to use eQuip! Mobile on iPads, instead of their usual mobile scanners, to conduct inventory auditing work for this project, the biggest worry was the lack of WiFi access in these data centers. But as it turned out, the concerns for WiFi access were unwarranted. “Our client gladly provided WiFi in every location so that we could access the data in the cloud, ” Suzanne told us.

eQuip! Mobile for inventory auditing

eQuip! Mobile for inventory auditing


The IMS Inventory Management Solutions team now like using the cloud based eQuip! Asset Management solution and its native application eQuip! Mobile on iPads.  The risks Suzanne took to make the strategic shift to Cloud are paying off.  Suzanne said, “Sometimes a risk has to be taken in order to begin moving towards progress. We took the risks and it paid off.”

If you would like to find out how easy eQuip! SaaS and eQuip! Mobile can help your company to manage assets and conduct the regular asset audits efficiently, please call 1-866-845-2416.

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