Latest Release to eQuip! is Making Search and Navigating the Asset Fields Much Easier

latest release from eQuip! makes Search much ea

This blog is written by Makieba Duff, Product Marketing Coordinator, E-ISG Asset Intelligence


latest release from eQuip! makes Search  much ea

latest release from eQuip! makes Search and Navigation much easier

In our latest release, eQuip! 6.4.8, we focused on making Search, and navigating between different field/tabs and different business processes much easier.

Two main enhancements for improving the Search experience:

  1. Our Search All Items Screen has been simplified, which will make it easier to use than before. What we’ve done is combining our Customized Search Screen, along with our Search Plugin to create a Named Search Screen. This function allows users to search the database with little to no hassle. Users don’t need any database knowledge to generate a Named Search
  2. Our Search Grid has also been updated. Now users can refine their searches by selecting data from their research results, with just a simple right click on the grid column. The same search function has been added to our Exporting to Excel feature!

Here are some of the main user friendly features we’ve added to ensure convenience for our customers:

  1. Email Notification– notify users when their password has been changed
  2. Role Administration Screen– now has a short list of fields, a new dropdown control that shows fields. It allows users to move tabs, and let users set permission of fields. Users can also export sets of field permissions for all asset fields and import them into other roles.
  3. Vender/Manufacturer Edit Screen– now has an exporting function that allow users to export a list of vendors/manufactures into an excel sheet. Also, users can now delete data from excel sheets by setting records to “TRUE”.
  4. SaaS Implementation– now has plugin alerts that are shown on the dashboard when a plugin is outdated

We strive to make our product hassle free for our customers. If you would like to learn more about the latest enhancement in eQuip 6.4.8, please call our support at 1-866-845-2416, ext. 1

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