How Does eQuip! Support Generating Barcodes for Assets?

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eQuip! makes barcode generation easysy

We often get asked how to generate barcodes for assets from eQuip! and why the eQuip! asset management solution is a flexible tool to support that? There are a couple of reasons.

The eQuip! software allows users to generate their own barcode designs, as well as, supply them with various barcoding templates for quick and easy access. Here are a few things that new and current users should know:

eQuip! connects directly with Zebra printers, which are the most widely used for printing 1D, 2D, RFID labels.

To generate barcodes from eQuip! — this can be done in two ways.

  • Create a shortcut on your “Getting Started” screen. For example, creating an IUID Registry shortcut allows users to instantaneously go to the barcoding generator when logging into eQuip! Users can go directly to their “Getting Started” screen, select IUID Registry, an IUID tool box would appear, hit the “Utilities” button, then select “Print IUID Labels”, and just input the data you want.
  • Go to the “Reports” screen, select “Dashboard Reporting” and select label templates. The process is easier from there, just input your information i.e., location, site, asset category etc. Your barcodes are ready to print. Simplicity at its best!
generating IUID labels in eQuip!

generating IUID labels in eQuip!


generating regular barcodes in eQuip!

generating regular barcodes in eQuip!

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