4 Reasons eQuip! Is the Equipment Management Tool for You!

This blog is written by Makieba Duff (Makieba.Duff@e-isg.com), product marketing coordinate at E-ISG Asset Intelligence

eQuip! is easy to use and Intuitive

eQuip! is easy to use and Intuitive

Here at E-ISG Asset Management we strive to make our software solutions easy to use and intuitive. We focus on integrating the best practices in asset management into our software products, so our customers can integrate the solutions into their own business processes. We want that process to be hassle free.

We believe that asset management is not just about the technology. It’s important that our customers establish the processes and train their people on the best practices in asset management. So we work with our partners to deliver the entire asset management solutions, including business process assessment and improvement, inventory audits and reconciliation, asset tracking technology evaluation and implementation, and system integration.

There are 4 things that set the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management solutions apart from the rest:

  1. eQuip! is designed as a platform, instead of just an application. The eQuip! enterprise asset management system is designed to easily bring in the data from other software systems and integrate them with the data in eQuip!.
  2. eQuip! is Flexible, Extendable, and Mobile (FEM). This framework of Flexible, Extendable, and Mobile is the driver for product innovation, which has integrated the latest software development and mobile technologies into the solutions.
  3. eQuip! solutions come with all the management of assets, in one package. Users don’t have to add individual modules to complete the solution.
  4. The prices for eQuip! are simple and straight forward.

Some Key Features in the integrated eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management Solutions:

  • One centralized asset database
  • Organize assets by location, purchase order, contract, project and more
  • Display assets by the floor plans or maps
  • Customizable asset fields
  • Search by key words, fields, and more
  • Store contracts and other documents within each record
  • Automate business processes through Actions and Workflows
  • Track inventory
  • Provide clean interfaces to external tools and business processes
  • Schedule the use of assets and other resources
  • Plan facility moves
  • Track asset chain of custody
  • Support mobile scanners, smartphones, tablet devices running Win Mobile, Android, and iOS
  • Support RFID and GPS tags
  • Store standard and customized reports
  • Track disposition reasons

And so much more!

eQuip! is the equipment management tool built just for ease of use! For more information on this product please request a DEMO by calling 1-866-845-2416, or fill the form on the right. and let the exploration begin!


Don’t forget to check out our new feature in our latest release — the “Get Started Wizard”here.

Peter Drucker says it best “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself”. Our software eQuip! is built to fit the needs of our customers!

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