eQuip! Mobile is for Users to Access the eQuip! Asset Management Functions Using Their Mobile Devices

eQuip! Mobile Sync in Real Time

This blog is written by Makieba Duff, Product Marketing Coordinator at E-ISG Asset Intelligence (Makieba.Duff@e-isg.com)

eQuip! Mobile for inventory auditing

eQuip! Mobile for inventory auditing


When we created the eQuip! Mobile applications on iOS, Android, and Win Mobil, we wanted to support our users accessing the eQuip! asset management application on the go, anywhere, anytime, without hassle. No need for lugging around of heavy laptops when you can simply use your mobile device You can leverage the camera or barcode scanning apps on the mobile devices to conduct some simple asset management functions.


The eQuip! Mobile applications make it easier to find equipment located in different sites and locations in your enterprise. Users can use the built-in camera or barcode scanning applications on the Smartphones, or iPads. The mobile devices read asset tags and verify the equipment at the location where it is specified. Users can also add new assets at the location.


Here is the list of the inventory management functions available from the eQuip! Mobile applications at your fingertips:

  • Audit – Verify equipment at a given location. This function will move equipment to the correct location simply by scanning the barcode or touching the item on a list, you will mark the item as “AUDITED” with the current date.
  • Find – Search for a given asset by typing or scanning the barcode with the built in barcode reader.
  • Login – Connect with your eQuip! account.
  • Inventory – Navigate a list of sites and for each site, navigate to a list of locations, and for each location navigate to a list of assets, and for each asset see the details of that asset.
  • Sync – Securely and quickly sync your changes with your eQuip! account saving all updated data

For more information on our newly feature eQuip! mobile app please visit here.

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