eQuip! 6.4.10: Integrated Applications, PDF Reports, Search Improvements, and More

The product development team has been hard at work this month with some new applications, and some important new features.  I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing 6.4.10 this week with some requested features.

Lets break down this release and quickly go over the new features one by one.

New Integrated Application

Integrated applications is a feature that was introduced in the last release and allows an enterprise to create independent applications that utilize eQuip’s Application Programmer Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK).  These applications provide independent services that are seamless to the user running within eQuip as a popup window, integrated windows, or in the eQuip dashboard.

Equipment Ordered Under FEMA Grants

One of the key pain points that our emergency management customers have experienced is getting legacy items already in standardized excel reports entered and utilized in eQuip.  These reports represent items received for each grant, and included 90 percent of the information required for eQuip. In addition, the order entry process requires an equipment justification form that lists out project details, grant information, goal and purpose for the item, and for each item, the Authorized Equipment List (FEMA’s Code for all equipment purchased under a FEMA grant) entry item.  These items were essentially done by hand.

We created an order entry and receiving integrated application, that essentially removes the need create these two reports,  enter the item data to order essentially at one place, create the justification for that equipment and enter in the grant information.  When the item is received, each item is marked with the PO number, line, serial number, and asset tag number.  At a single button push, all required standardized reports are created.  We have reduced the needed keystrokes and time required for data entry and increased the accuracy of equipment tracking.

PDF and Excel Reports

One of the issues with Excel Reporting was that these templates had to be kept outside of eQuip and used when needed by importing and generating the excel report.  This process has now been improved with this release.  We now have a new option configuration to name and store these excel reports. When these reports are needed, you will now see a new menu of excel reports to select. Not only are these excel reports available from the reporting menu, they are also available through the workflow actions.

A number of users have requested a new feature to enable PDF Smart Forms (those PDF Forms that have data entry fields) to be processed with the same tag and data set as we have done with excel reporting. We are pleased to note that this release will have the ability to store these PDF forms, the queries that are required to generate data, and parameters to select required data in a new option configuration (along with the excel report options). Now you can create any PDF form report using the many standardized government PDF forms, or create your own form using one of the many PDF tools publicly available.

Named Search Improvement

We have added the audit date field to the standard search parameters so that users can now search by audit date.

New Workflow Actions

With the release of PDF Reports and the new method of managing the excel reports,  these reports are now available as workflow actions. You can now create hand receipts in PDF or Excel for the various plugin tools that support workflow. Future releases will be adding workflow to other plugin tools.  Currently the tools that support this new action are Assign User, Manage and Consume Inventory, and Add/Edit Assets with Workflow.

As we get the release up on our support site, and into the maintenance release of eQuip SaaS, we will have full details of this release on our support site.


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