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This blog is written by Makieba Duff (, Product Marketing Coordinator, E-ISG Asset Intelligence. 

Find Out New Features from eQuip!

Find Out New Features from eQuip!

With the frequent new release of eQuip!, we have been updating our support site with information on the new features and functionality. Here are some highlights:

In the Plugin Forum

UID Registry (Only Available to the eQuip! for Government Property Management)

Legacy labels can now be imported into eQuip as assets. From these asset record, users can generate the flat file for submitting to the IUID registry.

Receive Assets

We are adding support for Consumed Assets. These are assets that require barcodes, but are used upon receipt.  These assets are not kept in the system as active assets, but have to have the specific status stored for record keeping.

DD 1149  (Government Property Framework)

We are supporting On Site Transfer from Contract to Contract or Convert Contractor Acquired Property to Government Furnished Property.  If these assets require a UID, a change of custody record can be generated and sent to the IUID registry.


The default for the audit table generator is now “Trigger”. Users that do not want to use change data tables are not forced to switch back.


  • eQuip! 6.4.10 Installer and Release Notes
  • Getting Started Wizard
  • New features webinar
  • Manage Integrated Application Wizard
  • Receiving Contractors Acquired Property (CAP)

Knowledge Base

  • Manage Integrated Application Wizard
  • Receiving Contractors Acquired Property (CAP)

For all the latest information on eQuip! support, please check out the website here. 



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