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Fixed Asset Management Doesn't Cover the Asset Life Cycle

This blog is written by Makieba Duff (Makieba.Duff@e-isg.com), Product Marketing Coordinator at E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC

Item Assignment is One Activity in Asset Lifecycle

Item Assignment is One Activity in Asset Lifecycle


In businesses and government agencies, assets get assigned to people and locations all the time.  Its’ hard for them to keep track of where and whom they are assigned to.  The eQuip! asset management software has an “Item Assignment Tool” that allows users to assign an item to a person or a location. This tool can help businesses and government agencies keep track of items — who has them and where they are.

This tool allows you to change the assigned person of an asset by scanning their employee ID number, or selecting the desired person from a drop down menu in eQuip! This tool allows you to be in total control of the item assignment process: who has what, where it is, and what’s available.  Upon completion of assigning equipment to a person, the information is updated in real time for accurate reporting. Users can generate reports by selecting Asset by Person report in eQuip!. This report can be automatically emailed to someone’s inbox after being assigned assets or you can manually generate them by selecting someone from the drop down menu.

The report showcase:

  • Assets that were assigned
  • Date and time
  • Site name and location
  • Serial number
  • Who authorized the transaction
  • Employee ID of the assignee.

These reports can be exported in PDF, Excel or Word format.

Another special feature within the Item Assignment Tool is the return of assets and unassign a person from the assets. Users can select the site, then the drop-off location, or they can simply scan a location’s barcode somewhere at the physical site to move assets.  To unassign a person, you can simply select “unassign person” from equipment box. There are a lot of benefits from this tool. By knowing who has what, where it is and what has been assigned, businesses can save money.

For more information on how to use this tool please check out this short video. You can also visit our Customer Support site here.

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