Excited to Help the Public Safety Team in Our Local Areas

We just learned that we have been chosen, as part of the team led by Haystax Technology, the provider of Cloud based situation awareness and intelligence to many public safety agencies, to present our collaborative solution in the upcoming Loudoun County Challenge event.

We are very excited about this. We are passionate about serving the Public Safety segment, and we are proud to serve the teams in our local area.

E-ISG Asset Intelligence has been providing equipment management solutions to many emergency management agencies in the county. Our solution allows these emergency management teams to know, in real time, what equipment they have, who has them, and where they are. Having this information is essential for them to provide emergency services effectively. Moreover, it streamlines their required reporting as recipients of FEMA grants. Better equipment management supports operational efficiency and improves public accountability.

Our company is in Baltimore, Maryland. Our employees live in the Washington Baltimore metropolitan areas. We always want to serve the public safety teams in our local areas.

We are proud to serve the Baltimore Fire Department.

Now we are excited to have the opportunity to present our solution, in collaboration with Haystax Technology and Amazon Web Services, to the public safety team in Loudoun County, Virginia.   Our collaborative solution is designed to address the following problem for the County:

  1. The lack of information-sharing among public safety stakeholders spread across multiple jurisdictions and a broad geographic area;
  2. The lack of timely ‘situational awareness’ regarding threats and hazards in the county;
  3. Data overload created by the massive and growing amount of information that must be absorbed, understood and acted upon by those responsible for the safety of the county’s people, facilities and equipment; and
  4. The lack of accurate, up-to-date information about available emergency management equipment and resources across different jurisdictions.

Haystax Technology has a cutting edge cloud based solution to aggregate all relevant information and provide intelligence analysis regarding threats and hazards in an area. Their “situation awareness” information, coupled with up to date information about the availability of emergency equipment and resources, will help the Public Safety team to respond to situations more effectively.

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