Managing Equipment and Assets – Using “Workflows” Instead of Spreadsheets

Many of our customers switched to using the eQuip! software to manage their enterprise assets after realizing that they could no longer depend on excel sheets.

In order to manage physical equipment and assets efficiently, organizations need a system that can deliver at least the following functions:

Clearly, excel sheets can’t support these functions and that’s why our customers have chosen the eQuip! software to solve their asset management problems.

In order to support these functions, the eQuip! software relies on the “workflow” tool. The “workflow” tool allows users to define steps or processes. For example:

  1. Send email notifications to property custodian if new equipment arrives
  2. Inform of the next action to be performed on the asset record
  3. Reject any action that is not performed property, allowing only the right information to be entered

In training new users of the eQuip! software, we focus a lot on the “workflow” tool. These workflows are used to perform all the routine tasks in asset management

  1. Receive/add assets
  2. Edit assets
  3. Assign assets
  4. Dispose assets

These “workflows” are very intuitive and easy to use once users get a feel for it. In addition to the virtual hands on training, we have a visual quick reference on our support site for new users as well. Our customers can access this virtual reference here.

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