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How to Navigate the Recent Transition of the IUID registry to WAWF

Jackie Luo

Jackie Luo is Vice President of the eQuip! Asset Management solution at Assetworks LLC. She is a subject matter expert on asset management business processes.

The widely anticipated transition of the IUID registry to the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) platform has been completed, finally, in last month.

While we are monitoring the migration for the interest of enabling seamless integration of our Government Property Management software eQuip! with the IUID registry, we have found that the LinkedIn Post “Do You Know About the Recent Update for the IUID Registry” from Gary Moe, Founder and President, ID Integration, Inc.(www.id-integration.com), provides practical and concise guides to government contractors for navigating this recent transition.

With permission from Gary, I am quoting his guides here. For our customers, I hope you find this useful.

“First of all, the IUID Helpdesk will no longer administer user accounts, and new users will need to manage their accounts using the current Group Administer (GAM) process that is now in use with the WAWF. Contractors must have a Common Access Card (CAC) in order to login for all Government-to-Government support (unless you have an exemption).

If you had access to the Registry without a WAWF account and are a government site, a valid DoDAAC will now be required upon your first attempt to login when the new e-Business Suite of applications is up and running at the beginning of November. Commercial suppliers and contractors typically use their Cage Code or Dunn & Bradstreet Number for submissions. If you don’t have a valid account, now is the time to login to your Registry account and add the required details for your account migration. Submitting new items to the WAWF requires the use of a Receiving Report document that includes the specific data for delivery of items to the DoD. Select from submitting via FTP or EDI.”

E-ISG Asset Intelligence provides Government Property Management software eQuip! to help government contractors manage GFP and CAP to meet the FAR/DFARs requirements. It also helps the users to meet the IUID requirements in the most efficient way. If you would like to learn more about our solution, please call 1-866-845-2416 and request a software demonstration.

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