Enterprise IT cracking into Internet of Things (IoT) – Reality Check

With the M2M World Congress around the corner (April, London), and before that, Mobile World Congress (March, Barcelona), Internet of Things (IoT) will once again gather big headlines. We will hear more predictions about when we will see the acceleration of the adoption of IoT, and whether the year of 2015 will be the year of the come out party for IoT.

The latest darling for the Internet of Things is Enterprise IT will get cracking into IoT. The Machine to Machine magazine predicts that this is the top of the 10 trends in 2015.

Enterprises are becoming increasingly aware of the need to implement connected devices to remain competitive and deliver improved operational performance, innovative products and services, new customer experiences and financial improvements. – Machina Research

Predictions are just predictions. The reality is that Enterprise IT is dealing with multiple priorities, so bringing the IoT up front takes a lot of convincing. Also, having Enterprise IT leading the initiative of cracking the Internet of Things could lead to an isolated approach, piling on many siloed applications in the IT department, ultimately under delivering the value from Internet of Things.

To truly deliver the value from Internet of Things, enterprises need to have a holistic approach to manage all their physical assets, not just connected devices. The operational teams need to drive the agenda for setting the goals of operational performance, customer experiences, and financial improvements. Enterprise IT can support these goals by enabling a scalable platform that tracks the devices, delivers the data, and analyze the information efficiently.

For Internet of Things to take hold in enterprises, the initiative needs to be championed by the operational team, and the initiative shouldn’t just focus on Internet of Things, it should focus on the  enterprise wide assets, not just connected devices.


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