Return on Investment from Better Tracking of IT Assets

A recent article in ITAM Review “The Importance of Effective HAM (Hardware Asset Management)” has very well summarized the benefits from better tracking IT assets

  1. Financial: “With the right processes in place, the right tools and data, ROI on Hardware Asset Management long-term will be a steady reduction in money spent on hardware, and also a reduction on the IT budget for hardware.
  2. Time: Hardware Asset Management processes will speed up SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) for hardware requests or incidents, and will generally make the hardware management a lot smoother. This will also reduce the time impacts on the end user who has a hardware related incident problem, thus reducing any ‘downtime’ they may experience.

The key to achieving the benefits from better tracking IT assets is to make sure the IT asset tracking tool captures the following information:

  1. Purchase information: cost, purchase date (for asset refresh cycle planning purpose)
  2. Warranties and service contracts
  3. Software installed on these hardware
  4. Location of these hardware assets
  5. Maintenance record
  6. Retirement reasons
  7. Disposal records

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