3 Reasons to Choose the eQuip! Asset Management SaaS Solutions

There is a significant shift for enterprise users to adopt SaaS applications. We are seeing this trend as well. Although we still offer On Premise eQuip! (reluctantly), we are seeing most of our new customers choosing  the eQuip! SaaS solutions.

Three key benefits from choosing the eQuip! Asset Management SaaS Solutions:


  1. Significantly reduce the ease of the Customer On Boarding process. If we depend on the internal IT team’s resources to support Customer On Boarding process, it could take very long. Without that dependency, we can finish the onboarding as soon as 6 weeks.
  2. Remove any barriers from accepting future software updates. We provide software patch updates almost every month, and major releases at least once a year. The resource constraints in the internal IT organization often prevents the customers from taking advantage of the latest features and enhancements.
  3. Remove any bottlenecks from automating workflows and customized reports. The eQuip! asset management system is a very flexible tool to automate repeatable workflows and customized reports. For our On Premise customers, we have to work with the IT team to configure these customization, which will delay the process. For our SaaS customers, we can quickly implementation the new configuration.

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