Use eQuip! to Calculate Depreciation of Fixed Assets

As we all know, most companies use Fixed Asset Management software to track the cost and depreciation of capitalized assets. But I would argue that they should consider replacing their Fixed Asset Management software Enterprise Asset Management software.

Enterprise Asset Management software is an operational platform. It tracks capitalized assets and consumable assets, not only costs, but also track the location and custody of assets. It provides the functions that Fixed Asset Management software provides, but more.

The eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management solution tracks the depreciation of capitalized assets via the Spreadsheet Report function. It pulls the relevant information for depreciation, depreciation period, purchase cost, date of acquisition, from the asset database in eQuip! and calculate the depreciation for current period and accumulated depreciation. It uses pre built formula (approved by the Accounting Department) and some simple SQL markup languages to support the reporting.

Here is the link to more details about using the eQuip! Enterprise Asset Management solution to track simple depreciation of fixed assets.

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