A High Energy, Interactive Exploration of the eQuip! Basics

Our customer support team has recently completed the eQuip! Basic Training series. It’s a highly interactive training program, with exercises and job aids. It has been received very well by our users.

Here is how our highly fective product training specialist Stacie Rovelli described this training program.

“I was ecstatic as the number of students enrolling into the eQuip! Basics training series climbed to over 60!  The four sessions followed a format that included a short mini-lesson, practice exercises, and time for review.  The students were engaged; asking questions and sharing their experiences with eQuip!  The dialog created an effective learning environment because the students were learning from each other.  They were particularly involved when it was time for them to access eQuip! and play around with some practice exercises.  When we reviewed the answers more questions arose.  I was then able to answer their questions while demonstrating actions in eQuip!, which customized the sessions to fit their particular needs.  The topics of the eQuip! Basics sessions grew in complexity as the weeks progressed.  We began with simple navigation and ended with auditing assets.  The series has been converted into four brief eLearnings.  Check them out at the link below.  Special thanks to all of the students that participated in the eQuip! Basics training series.  Keep an eye out for more engaging training webcasts coming soon!”

You can access the link to the eQuip! Basics eLearnings here.

More our most updated training schedule, please visit here.


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