ON-THE-GO with eQuip! Mobile App Training!

Written by Stacie Rovellie, Product Training Specialist, E-ISG Asset Intelligence

Last week week we held the eQuip! Mobile Smartphone and Tablet Training which showcased the powerful functionality of our mobile application.

We explored inventory actions such as adding new assets and editing existing ones; but the star of the show was Auditing Assets.  The convenience of using an iPhone or Android smartphone to physically walk around, scan asset barcodes, and perform audits seemed to really excite the students.  Many of them had already tried out the functionality and had specific questions about the scanning process.  We uncovered a synchronization issue that iPhone users were experiencing and our Chief Technology Officer, Eric Besser, told us that Apple should have the fix ready in a week or so.  Students expressed their interest in using eQuip! Mobile audit functionality by sharing their own business needs.  For example, one student said that she had to audit items in underground spaces where WiFi service was severely limited.  Another student said that he was responsible for managing audits in several different locations on a monthly basis.  eQuip! Mobile is a robust tool that can help all of our customers manage assets on-the-go.  I provided a comprehensive job aid describing all of the actions that eQuip! Mobile can do, which will serve as a useful reference for new users as they start downloading and using the application.  The training was easy for me to deliver because eQuip! Mobile functionality is so intuitive and easy-to-use.  Today customers literally have the power of eQuip! at their fingertips.  Download the app today!

Click here for the eQuip! Mobile Smartphone and Tablet Training Job Aid

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