National Charter Schools Need to Improve Equipment Management Practices

I just returned from the National Charter School Conference 2015 (#NCSC15) in New Orleans this week. During the conference, I led a peer to peer discussion on “Equipment Management Best Practices for Federal Grantees.”

I was encouraged that many charter school operators came to the session, shared their challenges in equipment management, and they are planning to address the problem soon.

Five years ago, most charter schools were busy with getting established, and equipment management probably was not a priority. Now, as charter schools have consolidated and grown, they realize that they have the real challenge of managing their large equipment inventory and meeting the requirements from the federal and state grant agencies.

During the peer to peer discussion on “Equipment Management Best Practices for Federal Grantees”, I shared some of the best practices in enterprise asset management:

  • Make sure you have top level support to improve the equipment management process — it requires cross functional collaboration.
  • Need to have policies and procedures in place.
  • Make sure you choose a system that is user friendly, can easily connect with the purchasing system and IT service management tools, and provide different users with different permissions and information access.
  • Make sure you choose a SaaS application – easy to support and it can scale as you grow.

To learn more about the equipment management best practices for federal grantees:

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