It’s Summer — Crucial Time for Schools to Audit Assets

ime for Inventory Assets in Schools

Summer — Time for Inventory Assets in Schools

It’s Summer and schools are out. But this is crucial time for school districts, charter schools and private institutions to locate, tag, and validate assets.

I spoke with our channel partner IMS Inventory Management Solutions. IMS has many years of experience in working with schools to tag, validate their inventories. They observed that the asset management practices in these schools have a lot of rooms for improvement.The president Suzanne Padone said, “Whether we were in California, Missouri, or Florida tagging equipment or validating assets, one consistent theme was that assets in a school environment are endangered.”

According to Suzanne, a few reasons that have led to the poor state of asset management in the schools:

  1. There are too many hiding places; We uncovered assets in cars, closets, under lab sinks, and locked desk drawers to mention a few.  Once an Asset Tracking process is in place with a great software tool, most end users will be careful to hide only unused food they don’t want to share.
  2. Ghost  assets everywhere! These are assets that wander around without purpose that died ages ago and have no current value on the financials. That projector in a case under your desk, is a great example.  Companies like IMS Inventory Management Solutions are clinical ghost busters. Armed with software to update the ledger, they use latest guns ( barcode guns ) to zap them .
  3. Asset tags are placed in the wrong places. When your bored in the library and notice a lovely tag on the laptop, why not figure out ways of destruction. Once the tag is removed, this asset slowly becomes a Zombie asset. Not really dead, but wandering without detection causing havok on the asset listing.

Summer is a great time when the assets are idle and ready to verify.  There are always exception to the rules, but once you have a great check in and check out process, those instruments checked out of BAND for the session will finally be accounted for.

E-ISG Asset Intelligence provides COTS asset management software to many school district and charter schools. It’s easy to use and low cost. You can find out more about our solution here.

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