NPMA’s Annual Education Seminar – This Week in Dallas, TX

I am a big advocate for NPMA, National Property Management Association, the professional association for asset management professionals. It’s a place where asset management professionals can receive comprehensive training, get peer support, and obtain certification to advance in their career.

Since enterprise asset management tends to be the most underappreciated operational discipline in businesses and organizations, asset management professionals don’t often get a lot of support or appreciation for the job they do. NPMA is their advocate.

The National Education Seminar (NES) is an annual event for NPMA. It’s an opportunity for asset management professionals to get together, exchange the latest best practices, and celebrate their profession! This week, the staff from E-ISG Asset Intelligence, will be joining the asset management professionals in Dallas TX, to share our insights in implementing enterprise asset management systems.

I will be speaking there on Monday (08/10). My topic is “Implementing Enterprise Asset Management systems.”

Because Enterprise Asset Management is a cross functional discipline, implementing a system to support the cross functional business processes has its unique challenges.

  1. Many legacy software systems exist but don’t talk to each other – how do you introduce a new system without causing further complication?
  2. There are existing business processes, old or new – How do assess what to keep, what to change, and what to add, and more importantly, use a system to support these processes?
  3. Manage the people – how do you make sure the cross functional team will share the same goals?

If you would like to read more about the key challenges and how to overcome, you can download our new white paper: “Key Challenges in Implementing Enterprise Asset Management Systems”.

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