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Participation to the NPMA’s Training Event Increased Significantly

This week, the National Property Management Association is holding a week long National Education Seminar in Dallas, Texas. Many asset management professionals started to arrive on Sunday, 08/09, greeted by the hot summer heat.

The encouraging news is that this year’s participation to the National Education Seminar has almost increased by 10%. This is something worth celebrating.

I am a big advocate for NPMA, National Property Management Association, the professional association for asset management professionals. Two months ago, I wrote a post here asking federal agencies, which provide contracts to the companies that employ many asset management professionals, to support this training event.

Investing in training events for asset management professionals is good use of money. Here are some immediate benefits:

  1. Employees are happier. Exchanging ideas with their peers and getting peer support for the challenges in their jobs will boost morale. Employees feel that they are appreciated by their managers and their job functions are important, which will increase their job satisfaction.
  2. Companies reduce costs. Federal contractors need to meet the requirements on their business systems for each contract. Government Property Management is one of the 6 business systems subject to federal audits. More educated and motivated asset management professionals tend to watch out for the bad languages in the federal contracts, and suggest ways to remove ambiguity and unnecessary costs. Companies should engage the well informed asset management professionals early on in the contract cycle. They will find that it is a wise investment.

I hope to see continued support to the National Property Management Association, not only from the federal government agencies, but also from private businesses. My belief is that Enterprise Asset Management is the least appreciated operational disciplines. There are opportunities for businesses to derive competitive advantages from better management of physical and IT assets. Investing in training their staff is the first step.


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