Day One — the eQuip! 6.5 Fundamental Training

This post is written by Stacie Rovelli, our product training specialist.


It is a pretty amazing feeling being the eQuip! Trainer for E-ISG Asset Intelligence.  Not only do I truly believe in our product, but I have had many opportunities to interact with some incredible customers in my training events.

Last week we kicked-off our “eQuip! 6.5 Fundamentals” series with a lesson on the Data Import tool.  My intention while designing the lesson was to break Data Import functionality into small, easy-to-learn actions.  Throughout the lesson, I paused frequently to allow for questions and insights.  Usually there is a decent amount of interaction, but that day it was quiet.  I wrapped up the session, hopeful that the lesson was so well-organized and explained that the customers were comfortable with the Data Import tool.

About an hour later I received an email from a customer in CH2M, a multi billion dollar engineering service company.  In the email, he identified an organization issue that the Data Import tool could possibly remedy.  He carefully outlined his plan to use the information he learned in our Data Import tool training to fix his issue and expressed strong confidence that he could execute the plan on his own!  This is the ultimate measure of success for a Trainer.  This customer absorbed the information and synthesized it to solve a problem.  Customers of E-ISG Asset Intelligence are committed to our product and the learning process.



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