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Advocating for Improving Enterprise Asset Management – It’s about Time!

I have written numerous blogs here to argue that Federal Government should play a leadership role in improving the practice of managing physical assets (equipment, property, infrastructure, IT).

  1. Federal government is one of the largest asset owners in the world. It makes sense that best practices in asset management should start here.
  2. Federal government is the largest buyer of product and services, through contracts and grants. It has tremendous influence on the asset management practices in the private industry.
  3. The United States is following behind many other countries in adopting the asset management standards, such as ASTM and ISO, so someone has to take a position and lead the change.

I also believe that we should take a strategic approach to building the enterprise asset management discipline. We need to clearly understand how this discipline can support organizational goals and align operations to support these goals.

So I am glad to see that Asset Leadership Network has taken a position in advocating them. The Asset Leadership Network is conceived and established by a group of highly respected enterprise asset management thought leaders. Collectively, they have made significant impact on the asset management practices in federal government, state and local agencies and private industries.  They have participated in the establishment of a few international frameworks for asset management including ASTM and ISO standards.

This week, the Asset Leadership Network leadership team is in Washington DC, co-hosting the 2-day “Federal Leadership in Asset Management Policy Forum”.  Last night, when a small group of asset management thought leaders and solution suppliers met in Capitol Hill, the executive director Jim Dieter introduced their top initiatives for 2015, including an Executive Order asking the federal government to:

“Establish the policy that Federal agencies use a common system for asset management to manage and utilize assets in an efficient, effective and economical manner to achieve their organizational missions”

It’s about time that someone is leading the advocacy for the federal government to practice and influence the adoption of asset management best practices in the United States. I applaud Asset Leadership Network to take this leadership.


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