Day 2 — the eQuip! Fundamental Training

This post is written by Stacie Rovelli, our product training specialist.
“After going through all the planned curriculum, I was planning to dismiss the training session early, but the customer asked me to continue the training. They love to learn!” — Stacie Rovelli
I have been a Trainer for a while now so I have pretty much seen it all.  Or at least that is what I thought, before session 2 of the eQuip! Fundamentals series last week.
In the session we covered the basics of adding and editing assets.  The session flew by and everything ran perfectly smooth.  After the hands-on exercises, I opened training up for any last questions before planning to dismiss the participants fifteen minutes early.  That is when I received a GoToMeeting chat message from a participant.  I had to do a double-take at the message as it flashed briefly in front of me.
The participant politely asked me to to continue training on eQuip! 6.5 until the session officially ended at 3:00 p.m.
Never in my career has a participant asked me to train on more for longer.  As a Trainer, this refreshes my fundamental belief that people want to learn.  I eagerly addressed the chat with the entire class and promptly launched into an unscripted demonstration of the powerful manage attachments functionality.
E-ISG Asset Intelligence customers seem to be very focused.  They seemingly display a genuine interest in learning how to use eQuip! 6.5 to meet their professional goals.  This proves to me that E-ISG Asset Intelligence has a special product and that E-ISG customers are truly unique.
Based on these training sessions, I have produced many short eLearning sessions. You can access them via our  support site (


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