Day 3 — the eQuip! Fundamental Training

Note from Jackie Luo, CEO of E-ISG Asset Intelligence: I hope you will enjoy this blog. This is a great example of our company’s culture. 

We always do our best, be prepared for our job. But remember things don’t always go as planned. We may miss something, we make mistakes, it’s how we deal with these that really matters. We are growing, we are innovating, and we are improving. We should have the discipline to work hard and be prepared, the courage to try new things, and the confidence that we will make it better!

This post is written by Stacie Rovelli, our product training specialist.

As a seasoned Software Trainer, I know for a fact that even the most scripted, well-planned lessons sometimes go awry.  Sometimes there are software issues and unexpected errors.  Other times, there is an issue with the Trainer.  This week, I worked overtime to remedy a Trainer-specific issue.

The lesson this week was assigning assets; specifically assigning assets to people and locations.  Having played a significant role in writing the eQuip! 6.5 User Guide, I felt rather confident going into the lesson.  I knew that I was going to demo the two distinct processes and then address the important People With Assigned Property drop down menu.  It wasn’t until I made a selection in that menu during the training when I realized…  I didn’t know what was supposed to happen next.  Nothing happened.

When something like this happens, the Training Golden Rule comes into play:  Pretend everything is fine…  and Support Support SUPPORT!  After the webcast, I immediately called the E-ISG Asset Intelligence CTO Eric Beser and learned how the functionality was supposed to work.  Knowing that it was critical, I created a supplemental training aid describing the process step-by step.  I forwarded this training aid to all participants around dinnertime.

I thought that I knew how to use that particular functionality.  I thought I knew it – until the second that the software didn’t do what I thought it was going to do.  The thing is… no Trainer is perfect.  No software is perfect.  Nothing is perfect.  All I can do it my best; and when I stumble, I will compensate by providing enormous amounts of support.



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