Day 4 — the eQuip! Fundamental Training

This post is written by Stacie Rovelli, our product training specialist.

Day 4 of the eQuip! Fundamental Training is focused on “Audit Assets”. In my opinion, the Audits lesson I delivered last week was the most important one of the series.  CTO Eric Beser built eQuip! audit functionality to be compliant with the most stringent audit requirements.  eQuip! audit functionality truly differentiates it from competitors.

To prepare for the Audits lesson, I tried to anticipate questions that may come up.  I reviewed the content with Eric twice.  I even asked him to join the webcast to field any questions that I could not answer.  I smiled when I saw Eric’s name appear in the GoToMeeting event at training start.

The lesson was successful and unique in the series because it was the only demonstration that I needed to perform in two different Frameworks.  Audit functionality in the eQuip! for Government Propety Management framework is a slightly different than others. When the inventory audit time comes around, our customers can watch short Framework-specific Audit video lessons on the E-ISG Asset Intelligence Support Site as a refresher.


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