Day 5 — the eQuip! Fundamental Training

This post is written by Stacie Rovelli, our product training specialist.

Everyone loves NFL football, so last week I decided to weave a touch of that excitement into Session 5 of the eQuip! 6.5 Fundamentals Series to increase engagement.

The lesson was all about asset transfers.  This time last year, I was transferred across the country; from Denver to my new home in downtown Baltimore.  Last Monday night, Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears battled it out with the San Diego Chargers.  It was an exciting game and eventually the Bears beat the Chargers.  A Denver-girl through and through – I do not like the Chargers.  Also, the Denver Broncos drafted Cutler while I was living there.  All of Denver was highly amused (and slightly annoyed) by the post-college partying that Cutler did around town.

As I paused at the beginning of the training to give participants time to mute their phones and prepare themselves for the lesson, I briefly mentioned the game and my connections to Cutler and Denver.  I thanked Cutler for beating the awful Chargers and apologized for poking fun at him in the past.

The lesson and hands-on exercises went smoothly.  When all of the participant questions were addressed, I closed the session with an inspiring quote by the legendary Vince Lombardi.  Lombardi once said, “The measure of who you are, is what you do, with what you have.”  The eQuip! 6.5 Fundamentals Series has been designed to give participants more tools to achieve their professional goals.

The next session is the LAST session.  Thank you for your commitment to learning and development!



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