Day 6 — the eQuip! Fundamental Training

This post is written by Stacie Rovelli, our product training specialist.

The week before Thanksgiving, we concluded the eQuip! 6.5 Fundamentals Training Series with the final lesson on asset retirements.  It has certainly been an eventful six weeks!  I hope all training participants had as much fun as I did.

While the series is over, I invite all participants to embrace the spirit of learning and keep the momentum going.  Training participants can be organization-specific eQuip! experts!  Spend a couple minutes demonstrating a critical workflow process for a peer.  Show a co-worker how to access new videos and the User Guide on the E-ISG Asset Intelligence Support Site.  There is a whole new level of learning involved when the student is transformed into the teacher.  Stronger business relationships can be built on the solid footing of mutual growth.  The intense fear involved with learning something new is dissipated by human-contact with someone who already knows.  After all, if a co-worker can become an eQuip! expert…  I can become one too!

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