5 Process Failures in Managing Government Property — GFP and CAP

9424_training_iconManaging physical assets involves many business processes, including Record, Use, Maintain, Audit, and Retire. Because of the wide range of activities, and involvement of many departments in an organization, process failures exist in many places.

If we focus specifically on managing Government Property, i.e., Government Furnished Property and Contractor Acquired Property, and with the goal of meeting the 10 outcomes as required by the Federal Acquisition Rules 9FAR), there are 5 processes most likely to experience failures:

  1. Incomplete/Inadequate/Incorrect Records
  2. Failure to Communicate
  3. Asset Misplacement
  4. Unauthorized/Unapproved Asset Use
  5. Inadequate Understanding of Contract Terms, Regulations

Earlier this week, we invited Alex Barenblitt, a well-respected expert in Government Property Management, to discuss tips to manage risks in these process failures. Here are his recommended actions.

To address the problem of “Incomplete/Inadequate/Incorrect Records”, you want to establish:

  • Awareness of FAR 52.245-1 and Established Property Plan
  • Centralized Asset Management System
  • Proper Tools to Record Data Efficient

To address the problem of “Failure to Communicate”, you want to have:

  • Web Based System of Record
  • Easy Access to Reporting
  • Departmental Understanding of Role in Property Plan

To address the problem of “Asset Misplace”, you want to:

  • Use Efficient Location Tracking Technology: e.g. Barcode, RFID, Handheld Devices, Mobile App
  • Optimize Physical Inventory Process

To address the problem of “Unauthorized/Unapproved Asset Use”, you want to:

  • Affix Easily Identifiable (Contract/Project) Labels to Item/Bin
  • Employ Simple Check In/Out Procedure

To address the problem of “Inadequate Understanding of Contract Terms, Regulations”, you want to:

  • Seek Clarification from Contract Officer and Colleagues in Industry (e.g. NPMA, NCMA)
  • Utilize Structured Workflows and Data Entry Forms in Asset System of Record

If you would like to see how our Commercial off the Shelf software eQuip! for Government Property Management can help you to manage these process failures, you can call 1-866-845-2416, ext. 2 to schedule an appointment.

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