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Key Steps for IUID Compliance

IUID Compliance is a DFARS requirement.

  • The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) requires defense manufactures to identify, mark and track assets by placing a label or plate containing a machine-readable item unique identification (IUID), a 2D Data Matrix barcode, on new equipment under contract.
  • Additionally, defense contractors are required to update the UID information of the government property (GFP) in their custody with the IUID registry via the WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow).

Key steps to ensure IUID compliance:

  1. Create a UID label for a new asset
  2. Print UID labels for new assets or existing assets
  3. Verify the labels to ensure quality
  4. Update the UID information to the IUID registry

There are some tips for saving time and labor hours:

  1. Bulk upload the UID Flat File to the IUID registry via the Wide Area Work Flow
  2. Bulk print UID labels in a label printing house on quality label materials to ensure acceptance
  3. Import the Flat File from the IUID registry to the asset management system

The eQuip! Government Property Management software can help defense contractors to save time, minimize errors, and improve compliance. You can go to this page to watch the short videos to see how the IUID function in the eQuip! Government Property Management software works.

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