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Camcode, the leader in barcode solutions, just assembled top 50 informative articles on Best Practices in Asset Management, Procurement, Reporting for Educators. They have selected one article from E-ISG Asset Intelligence, as the contribution to the Best Practices.

“20% Book to Floor Inventory Discrepancy Ratio — Should We Accept That in Our Country School Systems”.

As Camcode says in the introduction:

“eQuip! is easy-to-use, flexible software for managing physical and IT assets. CEO of E-ISG Asset Intelligence, Jackie Luo works to provide innovative solutions, like eQuip!, for managing physical assets to schools. In her asset management article for educators, Luo examines the cases of school systems that lose millions of dollars because of inadequate and ineffective asset management policies and procedures.

Three key points we like from 20% Book to Floor Inventory Discrepancy Ratio – Should We Accept That in Our County School Systems?:

  • Schools should examine their own asset management systems, in light of the emerging stories about school districts losing millions due to ineffective asset management policies and procedures
  • There is an urgent need for improving asset management practices in public schools
  • Best practices in asset management will help school districts reduced their book to floor and floor to book inventory discrepancy ratio

To read the all 50 articles assembled by Camcode, please click here. 

To check out the software solution from E-ISG Asset Intelligence Education Systems, you can visit her. 


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