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3 Process Breakdowns in IT Asset Management

There are many tools, from free software to expensive modules from ERP systems, that can help with IT asset management. However, despite of the wide variety of tools being deployed, there are 3 common problems in IT asset management. These problems have contributed to the high discrepancy rate between IT assets on the book and the IT inventory in active use in the company (e.g. floor to book discrepancy).  You wonder, are these systems adequate to do the job? If not, why?

  1. Reconcile IT asset inventory purchased from two processes: the formal procurement process with requisition and purchase orders, and purchases made by employees that are later reimbursed. Where do you have the aggregated view of all the IT assets and their purchase history?
  2. Track the custody of IT assets throughout its lifecycle: IT assets being assigned to employees temporarily or permanently, IT assets being moved from one location to another. Who needs to approve these assignments? Where do you keep the record of these approvals and moves?
  3. Retire IT assets: Can you choose an option for retiring assets, including selling, donating, scraping, recycling, and make sure you follow the company’s policy on cleaning data, deactivating software license seats, etc?

Now the question is, if your organization experience these problems, is the IT Asset Management tool deployed by your organization adequate? Probably not.

If  you are using a free software or an add on module of another system to manage IT assets, it’s highly likely that you may not have the full scope of features required to manage the life cycle of IT assets.  If you would like to assess whether your IT asset management system is a good fit for what you need, you can download our white paper “Competitive Analysis on IT Asset Management Solutions”. You will be able to answer those questions:

  • What is an IT asset management solution?
  • What is the scope of the “must-have” functionality in an IT asset management solution?
  • What are optional “nice-to-have” features and functionality?

To download the white paper, you can click here. 

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